Tygon Tubing Hardness Table

Tygon Tubing Hardness Table
Tygon tubing is widely used in microfluidics, thanks to its high quality and the number of formulations available. While some are most suited for peristaltic pumping, others are resistant to harsh chemicals or certified for biopharmaceutical applications. In the below table, we have listed the hardness of the most common Tygon formulations. For reference, the hardness of a silicone tube is approx. 54, while the hardness of the PTFE tube is approx. 95.
Formulation Hardness Shore A, 15s
Tygon LMT-55 55
Tygon E-LFL 56
Tygon E-3603 (E-Lab) 56
Tygon R-3603 56
 Tygon XL-60 60
Tygon A-60-F 61
Tygon A-60-G 61
PharMed BPT 64
Tygon B-44-4X 66
Viton 70
Tygon 2375 75
Tygon ND 100-80 80