Syringe Pump Pressure Calculator

Calculate the pressure generated by a syringe pump according to 3 parameters:

  • linear force of the syringe pump
  • number of channels on the syringe pump (typically between 1 and 12)
  • syringe barrel internal diameter

Example: a syringe pump with 12 channels and 1 mL Hamilton glass syringes (ID of 4.61 mm) generates a linear force of 35 lbs (15.8757 kg). The resulting pressure in each channel (each syringe) will be 7.77 bar.

This calculator is based on the formula P = \frac{F}{n \pi\left(\frac{D}{2}\right)^2}, with P the pressure, F the linear force, n the number of syringe, and D the inner diameter of the syringe barrel.

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